WalmartOne – Employee Login

WalmartOne was made for the employees of Walmart Inc. Associates can check their work schedule, payslips, leaves and many other work related benefits. This information is accessible for its employees only. People who are not associated with Walmart stores are not allowed to use Walmart one login page.

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Benefits Of Walmart One:

  1. You can check schedules
  2. Paystubs are also available
  3. You can also book your working hours.

WalmartOne Associates Login

There are two types of associates at Walmart. One is Active Associates and the other is Non-working or displaced associates. Previously, both of them were using same portal to access their information. But, some changes have been made recently. Now, there are two dedicated ways for them to walmart one login.

1. OneWalmart – WalmartOne Login For Active Associates

If you are an active associate at Walmart, your information is now available at OneWalmart. This is the new platform for you guys. Let’s see how to use it.

  • Access from your computer or mobile phone.
  • Click on Login option.
  • If you don’t find the login option, you can simply click on the logo.
  • You will be redirected to WalmartOne Login page.
  • You will see 4 fields to fill there like shown in the image below.

one walmart signin

  • Enter your User ID in the first field or box.
  • Enter your Password in the next box.
  • Now, select your Country/Region
  • After that, select your location and click on sign in.

2. – Login For Non-Working Displaced Associates

If you are a Non Working or Displaced employee of Walmart, you can follow the steps given below to get the benefits.

  • Go to and click on SIGN IN button.
  • You can find it at top right while accessing the portal from your portal
  • If you are using mobile devices to access the page, you have to click on hamburger menu
  • If you find it difficult to find the sign in button, you can simply click here.
  • You will need to enter the User ID & Password in its respective field.
  • Make sure you enter the correct details and click on Login login

That is it. Now, you successfully logged in to myWalmart portal. If you find any issues regarding this, you can keep reading because we covered some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is 2 Step Verification?

2SV is a verification method which prevents others to log in to your account and access the information. This is a must thing for you when you try to access your schedule or paystub from your personal devices like smart phones or laptops.

2. How to enroll for 2SV?

You can visit this link and follow the steps given there to enroll for it.

Note: You must access this from a work station which is connected to the corporate network. You cannot access it from outside network.

3. How do I receive the code?

There are two ways to receive the code. Voice call & Text messages. You can use a land line for voice call option and a mobile phone for text message service. You need not have a smart phone to use this feature.

4. How to recover WalmartOne user name or password?

You can access at any time to recover your user name or password. If you don’t have access to internet, you can call at 479-273-4357.

5. What are the best browsers to access this portal?

The best & safest browsers to access the portal are Google Chrome, firefox & Apple safari browser. These are the recommended browsers.

6. I can’t view my schedule. What to do?

If you have any kind of issues viewing your schedule while working, you can contact 1-700-walmart from your store network during the schedule hours.

7. How to Access Paystub information?

You can simply login to Walmart One portal and click on Paystub button to check it. This is really simple.

8. WalmartOne App or WM1 is not working

WalmartOne app or WM1 is discontinued. The app is no longer available to access from your mobile devices. One more thing is, there is no app at all for OneWalmart.

Note: Please be careful when installing any applications related to this. Double check before you enter your details.